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What Do The Number Say We often use the products that chemical companies produce, but do you ever consider the numbers behind these companies? Which are most successful and how are they contributing to the chemical industry. Let’s take a moment to discuss 15 of the most successful chemical companies in the U.S. The Companies […]


During the last decades of the 20th century, environmental agencies and various experts raised concerns about the overall impact of chemical industries on global environment. The concerns raised include the occurrence of acid rain, high levels of greenhouse gases, presence of fertilizer in water bodies and polluted city atmosphere among others. Over the last 50 […]


Are Chemicals Harmful? Chemicals and the word ‘bad’ are synonymous. Champions of healthy living advocate for chemical-free products. Many individuals also perceive chemicals as dangerous and unnatural. These claims do not hold to some extent because chemicals are everywhere. They exist in natural and synthetic form. The true definition of a chemical is a compound […]